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Support DGPtv’s Pro World’s Broadcast: Our Entire Sponsorship Menu

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We know that you love disc golf!

We love it too, and that’s why we have been “Broadcasting the Best in Disc Golf!” since 2009.

We also know that you want to support our great game however you can.  Well now…we at have developed an entire menu of sponsorship options that we know will fit most of your promotional needs.

Here is our complete menu of 2015 PDGA Pro World’s Broadcast Sponsor options for you to consider…and hopefully support!

ChartYourCourseButton1.  2015 “Chart Your Course” Micro-Sponsor ($5): Here you can help promote your home course/favorite course, as we attempt to determine the World’s Most Popular Course.  Become a “Chart Your Course” micro-sponsor now and help your course possibly be named “World’s Most Popular!”

DGPtvMemberButton2. Lifetime Member ($25): For just this one-time sign-up fee, you can become a DGPtv Lifetime Member and show your support for our work.  This membership entitles you to:WatchDGPtvLive_Photo02

  1. Be eligible to win prizes throughout our the entire disc golf and Emerging Sports TV Broadcast season (we’ve given away $10,000’s worth of prizes so far!),
  2. Get your own customized bag-tag with your name and DGPtv #, and,
  3. Most importantly, gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting Disc Golf’s Premier Media Outlet!

Our Prize List for the 2015 Pro World’s will be published shortly!

ESTV_VIPClubButton3. VIP Club Member ($35): is our newest media outlet for helping to promote, not just disc golf, but an entirely new category of sports media!  Your Membership into our VIP Club will get you:EmergingSports_Logo

  1. A customized VIP Club Card with your name and VIP Club Number
  2. An T-shirt
  3. Be eligible to win prizes throughout our DGPtv livestream and Emerging Sports TV broadcast season
  4. The satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the 3rd Wave of Sports Broadcasting!

GoldMemberButton4.  2015 World’s Livestream GOLD Sponsor ($100): This form of sponsorship is our TOP-SHELF individual level of support.  This sponsorship will get you a BONUS of a limited edition custom-stamped PRODIGY golf disc.  In addition, this GOLD Membership consists of the following:

  1. A Customized VIP Club Card and DGPtv Lifetime Membership Card
  2. Double the opportunity to win prizes
  3. An Emerging Sports TV T-shirt
  4. The BONUS limited edition and Custom-stamped Prodigy golf disc.
  5. Broadcast recognition of your sponsorship and the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting our 2015 DGPtv Worlds Livestream and our TV broadcast.

ProductSponsorButton5.  2015 World’s Product/Event Sponsor ($500): Do you want the World to know about your amazing disc golf product or up-and-coming event?  Then our DGPtv Livestream Product Sponsor option is the way to go.  We will be featuring your product every day during the broadcast, providing links on both our streaming portal and social media outlets, and connecting to our 35-50,000 unique viewers from around the world.  Looking for the most POWERFUL promotional outlet in disc golf?  Then you need go no further.

BroadcastPartnerButton6.  2015 World’s DGPtv Broadcast Partner ($1500–ONLY ONE REMAINING): Here is where the disc golf industry’s top manufacturers are positioning themselves for our 2015 PDGA Pro Worlds Livestream and TV show coverage.  This sponsorship gives you a potent combination of World’s media promotion!  Join the likes of the PDGA, Innova Champion, Prodigy Discs, and Legacy Discs to swim with the big fish in disc golf.  Here is a partial menu of the benefits of becoming a 2015 World’s Broadcast Partner.

1.  LIVE INFORMATIONAL WORKSHOP:  Have you (or a company representative) join us one weeknight for a 45 minute livestream “workshop” related to growing the Disc Golf Industry.  This show will be interactive with our audience and will allow us to discuss your approach on how the industry should be united to grow the sport.  It gives you a great platform for promoting the brand and your business philosophy AND to interact directly with potential customers! Here’s what top-shelf disc golf media promotion looks like!

2.  BRANDED FEATURE during our Livestream and TV show:  This provides your brand with a named feature during live and TV broadcast.  Options might include the Launch of the Day (best shot), Lead Card Cam (our A-camera that follows the lead card each day), or the Trivia Question (where we engage viewers to tweet their responses using the #LegacyDiscs hashtag).

3.  COMMERCIALS during our Livestream and TV show:  This is the traditional commercial spot, though we will spice it up a little by having Crazy do a product feature too!  Pick a disc that you want to clear the shelves, and we will promote it live (in addition to your commercial).  This should prove our impact with our audience, and we’ve done this before with other products.  Our TV shows reach 99.9 million Cable TV subscribers around the country and Europe and Asia.

4.  SOCIAL MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT of our partnership!:  This is just a nice way to let people know that we are working together before, during, and after our 2015 Pro Worlds coverage.  It is also a nice way to help you grow your social media “likes,” “followers,” and direct connections.  If you need any help putting a social media strategy together, just let me know. will break through 10,000 Facebook “Likes” during the Worlds coverage, which is a great foundation to start with.

If you have any questions about these opportunities, feel free to contact John Duesler, Principal at DiscGolfPlanetTV at or on the phone at 215-913-0569.  I look forward to joining with you to grow our great game!

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