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DGPtv Holiday Shopping Guide: Rate Sheet

Share Button is pleased to offer this service to our disc golf industry this year.  We understand that the Holiday Season is a crucial time for vendors and retailers in our sport; often times making the difference between a amazing year and a so-so year.

With the DGPtv brand behind you, we know that our well-respected brand will drive customers to your online shop, where they can get what they are looking for during this important gift-giving season.

Our Inaugural Shopping Guide is arranged into six categories:

  1. FREE SHIPPING (the single most attractive online purchasing option you can offer)
  2. BUY SOME, GET SOME FREE (a great way to add an incentive to more buying)
  3. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS (use % discounts when your shoppers reach a certain buying level)
  4. UNIQUE ITEMS // COLLECTIBLES (here is where buyers can find those hard-to-find items)
  5. DISC GOLF TARGETS (one of THE most popular gifts during the holiday season)
  6. DISC GOLF BAGS (always a great gift, especially after this past rugged disc golf season)

NOTE:  WE WILL drive the customers into your stores; the selling is up to you!  Please consider which two of these above categories best fits your merchandising strategy this holiday season, because your online store/product will be featured in two of those categories.

LEVELS OF ADVERTISING (available in any two categories described above)

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Pick the one that you can best afford!
Top Shelf Ad Display: $265 // DGPtv_HolidayAd_Button265
Includes: Logo, Item Photo, Link & Product Description
innova-logo-3cInnova_bagThe Innova Caddy Pack–We created the Caddy Pack so you can always have a seat at the ready. We integrated our already proven BackSaver straps with a sturdy, lightweight aluminum seat to simplify your gear.
Mid-Level Ad Display: $195 // DGPtv_HolidayAd_Button195
Includes: Company Name, Link & Product Description

>> The Innova Pro Pig Collectible Disc <<
The Pro Pig, released in July 2008, is an overstable Putt & Approach disc. It is great for hyzer putting, sidearm approaches and backhand spikes. The Pig holds the line well, even in extreme wind conditions. The Pig features a Thumtrac® Rim for sure grips on sidearm throws and putts.

Entry-Level Ad Display: $95 // DGPtv_HolidayAd_Button095
Includes: Logo & Link



(Starting on Monday, November 11th, we begin the Campaign!)

From the DGPtv Web Site—(One of the Most Trusted Brands in Disc Golf) will be a major channel by which our members and visitors find their way to your site. Using the comprehensive Holiday Shopping Guide on this site, visitors will be intrigued by the category your ad is placed and click on over to your site. Once there, they are free to browse, shop, and buy, not just the featured item or category, but from your entire site.

From the DGPtv Opt-in Email List—(over 13,000 strong)

Over the last four years, DGPtv has grown its direct marketing and promotional email list to over 13,000 disc golfers. These disc golfers are often the toughest to reach in our community…the non-PDGA, non-tournament playing disc golfer. Starting on Monday, November 11th, and each Monday after that through January 1st, 2014, DGPtv will send emails to these opt-in email readers, who will be provided direct links to your featured item or site. DGPtv has also had great success in including “BUY NOW” buttons in our emails that makes a purchase just one-click away! Not many other promotional partners can offer that level of simplicity and service.

From our DGPtv Social Media platforms–(over 7100 FB Likes; over 1600 Twitter followers)

Let’s face it…if you’re not “social” these days, you’re sunk!

DGPtv will promote our Inaugural Holiday Shopping guide relentlessly throughout the holiday season, which will make most folks interested in Disc Golf gift-giving click through to our Web site. Your listing on the site, will then be prominently displayed, evoking our visitors to click through to your site…and you get the rest of the picture! Once DGPtv begins promoting our Holiday Gift Giving Guide on Monday, November 11th, it will quickly become THE place that holiday shoppers go to make their purchases.

Will you be there for them to find? Check out the AD Rates Above and pick the level of advertising that best fits your budget!

And thanks for all your support throughout our first four years! The best has yet to come!

John G. Duesler, Jr.

Principal, DGPtv

Phone: 215-913-0569

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