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2013 DGPtv Membership Growth Continues

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When Disc Golf Planet decided to go away from a donation model to support its live Internet broadcasts, and instead create a Lifetime DGPtv Membership option, conventional thinking scoffed at the notion.  “You need recurring payments from viewers if you want to be sustainable,” many offered.

Through the generosity of our DGPtv Lifetime Members, we have been “Broadcasting the Best in Disc Golf” four years now.

Yet, with the one-time donation model that has attracted nearly 3000 DGPtv Lifetime Members, the current model continues to be popular throughout the disc golf community and has enjoyed sustainable and accelerated growth.  With rolls currently at 2717 members, DGPtv has realized a 77% growth in membership compared to 2012.

“When we decided to implement the Lifetime Membership, there were a number of dynamics we believed would contribute to its success,” smiled John Duesler, Principal at  “Though we heard over and over that we needed to charge an annual membership, we did not believe that our Beta-testing mode really warranted such a commitment from our viewers.  We were trying to get as many viewers in the door as possible, as well as generate some revenues to support this relatively expense live production operation.”JoinUs_forDGPtv is essentially a free-viewing platform, though, once a year the PDGA World Championships are distributed using a Pay-per-View model.  Benefits of membership include a modest package, including a bag tag.  But the primary benefit is eligibility for members to win from the rich cache of prizes that are available during each live broadcast.

“I honestly have not done the full calculations, but I know this year alone we have shipped out nearly $8500 in prizes to our lucky members,” explained Duesler.  “We have been the beneficiaries of our very generous sponsors, like the PDGA, Innova, GripEQ, and Dynamic Discs and others.  I’m sure we put a smile on the faces of our DGPtv members once that Discatcher or GripEQ bag arrives at their door.  Most of all though, our members have the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting the next wave of sports broadcasting, as well as the great advances that disc golf has made.  I mean, we are watching live disc golf in woods and fields that most of the viewers will never get to!  That’s what makes it all worthwhile to me.”

For the most up-to-date of DGPtv Lifetime Members, you can VIEW THE LIST HERE.

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