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  1. I paid to watch the World Championships but when I tried to watch, the site kept asking me to pay again. I just tried to watch the archives, and it still wants another payment. My payment was processed on my credit card on 7/26/13 for $3.95. My member number is 828. Can you please tell me how I can watch the video without the site asking me for another payment?

  2. Did you send me your new address Steve? If not, then send it along and I’ll make sure to do the update. I’m working on memberships this week, so now is a good time. All the best and thanks for your support. –John Duesler

  3. Thanks Kevin! We are grateful for your support and kindness. –John Duesler

  4. yea Don. You won an Innova Champion Pack…discs, shirt (what size?) and some other great stuff. Thanks for your support. –John Duesler

  5. Shawn, We are not really a subscription-based site. Just wondering what you were trying to log into? I’d be glad to help. Just let me know what you are trying to access. Thanks! –John Duesler

  6. Jason, I’m sorry for the confusion. Are you trying to login to the 2013 Worlds? or something else? Please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix the problem. Thanks! John Duesler

  7. I become a lifetime Dgptv member in august 2013 and havent got a customized DGPtv bag tag with your name and unique DGPtv membership number on yet ?????

    Regards Tomas

  8. I helped the camera crew for usdgc last yr and it was awesome. Thanks for letting me be a part of dg history.
    Anytime y’all r in the great state of Texas,it would be my honor to help anyway possible.
    call anytime and keep on rockin!

  9. Wondering when you will update the site to reflect 2014 events being covered? I don’t see anything under the schedule except last years events.

  10. Whats up for Memorial haven’t seen anything about broadcast. I look forward to your broadcasts and hope you haven’t been influenced by the cry babies,they are a small group. Thanks, Randy

  11. why wouldn’t you televise the first Major tournament of the 2014 season like in previous years? seems silly not to.

  12. Tom Erich Dørffel

    Where can i find the lifetime member list? Forgot my number…

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