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2014 DGPtv Membership Drive Opens

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Here a loyal DGPtv lifetime member shows off his winnings after being selected a prize winner during one of our broadcasts.

Here a loyal DGPtv lifetime member shows off his winnings after being selected a prize winner during one of our broadcasts.

Now in our fifth year of operations, DGPtv has overcome some great obstacles on our way to becoming disc golf’s exclusive live Internet broadcasting outlet, as well as the media leader in the sport.  And while our business challenges would sometimes take us to the highest highs and some lows too, the one consistent thing that we have enjoyed over these years is the unwavering support of our fans and viewers…many who have become DGPtv Lifetime Members!

With that in mind, we humbly open up our 2014 DGPtv Membership Campaign with the reality that your support of our work is the cornerstone of our operations!  Quite frankly, we could not do it without you…and that’s the fact.

This year, we maintain our basic lifetime package ($25), but we are adding a second level of support, as well!  Here is a description of the two levels:

SedgleyWoodsa.  BASIC DGPtv LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ($25):  For this one-time-only membership, you will receive:

  1. Your own DGPtv Membership Number
  2. A Customized Bag Tag to show your support of DGPtv
  4. The satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the future of disc golf!

b.  VIP GOLD DGPtv LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ($25+3 Membership Referrals):

ReferralField(NEW & CURRENT MEMBERS…JUST MAKE SURE YOUR FRIENDS INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN THE “WHO REFERRED YOU…” FIELD ON THE MEMBERSHIP SIGN-UP PAGE.  Current Members will be upgraded to VIP GOLD Status once you refer 3 more members!) 


  1. The same benefits described above in the Basic Membership
  2. A Customized GOLD DGPtv membership Bag Tag
  3. A Customized logo-stamped golf disc…AND
  4. Your Name included in the DGPtv VIP List published on our Web site.


JoinUs_forDGPtvPlease make your donation now and know that you are part of making disc golf history!


Thanks for your support!

Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr.


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  1. How do I get on my account for disc golf planet if I just payed the $25 lifetime fee

  2. Hey there. Will you be posting a list of the winners selected during worlds anywhere. I was out caddying and haven’t had a chance to watch all of the archived footage yet. Thanks.

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