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Disc Sports Celebrate Global Presence, Social Impact with Demonstration Matches in Philippines

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We all love the flying disc. And while many of us have a preference towards disc golf, that does not mean that we put the blinders on towards other disc sports. Whether its just playing catch or hustling around the Ultimate pitch, if it involves a flying disc, we usually support it.

That is why we are sharing the amazing news about the Manila Spirits exhibition series on Wednesday, November 11 and Thursday, November 12 where Ultimate Frisbee will be featured on this South Pacific nation. The event will be livestreamed, and we at are pleased to share the coverage here on our broadcasts portal.

Even more appealing is the work our Ultimate sisters and brothers are doing for cancer awareness! Through the ERIC (Early Recognition is Critical) charitable organization, Ultimate players are raising awareness to the importance of cancer screenings, as well as the recent developments towards effective therapies for treating, and even curing, cancer. Our corporate parent company, is partnering with ERIC to spread the good news about their work. Check back to this space for more information in the near future.


USA vs. Philippines (Wednesday, November 11th starting at 8p EST)

USA vs. Japan (Friday, November 13th starting at 8p EST)

With the International Olympic Committee endorsing “Disc Sports” has a bona fide sporting category worthy of Olympic consideration, cooperation and support across all the flying disc activities is more crucial now than ever! So enjoy the coverage from Manila, as our favorite piece of sporting equipment continues its flight around the globe.

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