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2014 DGPtv Membership Drive Opens


Now in our fifth year of operations, DGPtv has overcome some great obstacles on our way to becoming disc golf’s exclusive live Internet broadcasting outlet, as well as the media leader in the sport.  And while our business challenges would sometimes take us to the highest highs and some lows too, the one consistent thing that we have enjoyed over ... Read More »

2013 DGPtv Membership Growth Continues


When Disc Golf Planet decided to go away from a donation model to support its live Internet broadcasts, and instead create a Lifetime DGPtv Membership option, conventional thinking scoffed at the notion.  “You need recurring payments from viewers if you want to be sustainable,” many offered. Yet, with the one-time donation model that has attracted nearly 3000 DGPtv Lifetime Members, ... Read More »

Trip to 2014 Memorial Highlights DGPtv Anniversary Giveaways

FountainHills_660x330Plate will celebrate its 4-year Anniversary with the richest giveaway to date during the live Internet broadcast of the 2013 United States Disc Golf Championship starting on Wednesday, October 2nd and running through Saturday, October 5th. “We were looking for a way to give back to our dedicated and loyal DGPtv Liftetime members,” explained John Duesler, Principal of  “The ... Read More »

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