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This is a special video/photo slideshow section that features some of the unique collections of information, merchandise, and personalities in the disc golf culture.

Thank you for Participating…

In the 2015 Disc Golf Survey. This is our 5th Edition of the Disc Golf Survey, which began in 2001 at our home course, Sedgley Woods, in Philadelphia. Your input will be invaluable for charting our future in disc golf!  We are grateful for your response! And we will make our results available to you, as soon as we collect ...

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2015 Disc Golf Survey Launched

Take the 2015 Disc Golf Survey!

As more and more folks look at disc golf as, not just a recreational outlet, but as an industry, it is essential that we know what our disc golfers are doing OFF THE COURSE! We have been administrating the Disc Golf Survey since 2001, which compiles what is perhaps the most comprehensive and useful data when it comes to targeting ...

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End-of-Summer Sweepstakes Caps Great Season

EndofSummer_Sweepstakes is so grateful for the support that our fans and viewers have afforded us this year! To show our appreciation, we will launch the End-of-Summer DGPtv Sweepstakes starting next Thursday. This is mark the first of seven days of amazing prizes that DGPtv will be awarding some of our lucky lifetime members.  And, thanks to the generosity of Prodigy ...

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Support DGPtv’s Pro World’s Broadcast: Our Entire Sponsorship Menu

Catrina Allen 2014 Pro World Champion

We know that you love disc golf! We love it too, and that’s why we have been “Broadcasting the Best in Disc Golf!” since 2009. We also know that you want to support our great game however you can.  Well now…we at have developed an entire menu of sponsorship options that we know will fit most of your promotional ...

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Help Promote World’s Most Popular Course via Micro-Sponsor Program


Do you love you home disc golf course? Would you like others to know how great it is and make it “World’s Most Popular Course?” How about winning a brand new practice basket that you can proudly install right after the Pro Worlds? And what if you could do it by merely donating $5 to help support the 2015 Pro ...

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2015 PDGA Pro Worlds…Media Coverage Potent Way to Boost Business


After ten years of covering the PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championships, Disc Golf Planet TV will continue to unleash the power of e-commerce during our 6 days of livestreaming, branded content, interactive marketing, and disc golf industry programming. We invite you to consider promoting your business via our multiple media products, and unlock the power of your brand, your ...

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DGPtv Launches 2015 Membership Campaign, Increases Benefits


(NOTE:  All current DGPtv Lifetime Members’ status will now be transitioned into our Emerging Sports TV VIP Club!)  BECOME An Emerging Sports TV VIP Member HERE!  SELECT A T-SHIRT SIZESmall MediumLarge X-Large XX-Large (Add $3) XXX-Large (Add $3) The growth of any business or brand is very much dependent upon a dedicated legion of fans whose loyalty helps spread the ...

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DGPtv Offers Potent, New Advertising Package


Our 2015 Introductory Package for only $650 in Cash will get your business or brand on Television, and your $350 in Merchandise will show our DGPtv Livestream audience your brand! is beginning our SIXTH year of livestreaming during this 2015 broadcast season. And Emerging Sports TV is set to become a powerhouse of television sports broadcasting! Did you also ...

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DGPtv Engages New Strategy for Growth


For years, many have been touting the impressive growth of disc golf. Regardless of the measure, courses, PDGA membership, purse size, our great sport has enjoyed impressive 12-17% growth that has lead to many folks actually being aware of disc golf. This organic surge in participation and organization has been some five decades in the making, as the number of ...

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Corduroy Captures Championship Like No Other


With the media blitz converging on disc golf, fans of the sport have an ever-widening range of options available when looking to enjoy our favorite events, players, or courses.  And while the Halcyon Days of disc golf may be upon us when it comes to our media choices, there is one media artist who is showing this emerging sport like ...

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